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4.85 58 Reviews
Ellen Ward
Mar 30, 2018

Matt Hallet answered my inquiry about needing a attorney for a Last Will & Testament. We liked Matt right away and the job he did on our documents were nothing short of outstanding. Highly recommend Hallett Legal Group.

Will Trenta
Feb 26, 2018

Amy Arenz
Jan 19, 2018

Matt did a quick and very effective job of taking care of a trust for us. Very professional and personable. High recommended!

Terry Stokley
Dec 30, 2017

Matt is very helpful in taking care of my dad's estate. He also helped us get our things in order so they will go smoothly as it went with my dad's.

Anne Callahan
Aug 29, 2017

Hallett and his legal group were solid professionals that took the time to answer our questions and handle our necessary documents. Thank You!

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